The Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE) is a H2020 funded project.

Within the project, our research group is responsible for DKRZ's contribution to work package 4 (Exploitability).

Please see the official web page of ESiWACE for further information.

Contact (for WP4 contribution of DKRZ) Dr. Julian Kunkel

  • Modelling costs for storage methods and understanding these
  • Modelling tape archives and costs
  • Flexible disk storage layouts for earth system data
  • DKRZ
  • STFC
  • CMCC
  • Seagate

The design deliverable architecture-d4.2.pdf

ESDM builds upon a data model similar to NetCDF and utilizes a self-describing on-disk data format for storing structured data. We aim to deliver the NetCDF integrated version by the end of the ESiWACE1 project. This improvement can then be used as a drop-in replacement for typical use-cases without changing anything from the application perspective. While our current version utilises the manual configuration by data-center experts, the ultimate long-term goal is to employ machine learning to automatise the decision making and reduce the burden for users and experts.


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