The Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE) is a H2020 funded project.

Within the project, our research group is responsible for DKRZ's contribution to work package 4 (Exploitability).

Please see the official web page of ESiWACE for further information.

Contact (for WP4 contribution of DKRZ) Dr. Julian Kunkel

  • Modelling costs for storage methods and understanding these
  • Modelling tape archives and costs
  • Flexible disk storage layouts for earth system data
  • DKRZ
  • STFC
  • CMCC
  • Seagate

The design deliverable architecture-d4.2.pdf



  • The Need for Next Generation Semantic Interfaces to Process Climate/Weather Workflows (Dr. Julian Kunkel), SIG IO UK, University of Reading, UK, 2018-06-06 Presentation
  • Towards Intelligent Storage Systems (Dr. Julian Kunkel), Computer Science Workshop, University of Reading, UK, 2018-05-08 Presentation
  • Exploiting the Heterogeneous Storage Landscape in a Data Center (Dr. Julian Kunkel), Per3s: Performance and Scalability of Storage Systems Workshop, Rennes, France, 2018-01-12 Presentation
  • Exploiting Weather and Climate Data at Scale (WP4) (Dr. Julian Kunkel), ESiWACE General Assembly, Berlin, Germany, 2017-12-12 Presentation