About Us

The research group High-Performance Storage improves the capabilities of storage landscapes applying smart concepts. We speak big data analytics and high-performance computing and apply our knowledge to meet the needs of environmental modeling.

Our motto is: Limitless Storage – Limitless Possibilities

The working group is embedded into the Computer Science Department of the University of Reading and tightly collaborates with the research group Advanced Computing for Environmental Science (ACES).

In respect to RD&E, we oblige to professional behaviour covering but not limiting to:

  • Deliver quality products meeting their requirements
  • Efficient project management and communication
  • Establish and follow mutual agreements (e.g., deadlines)
  • Respect intellectual property/ownership
  • Respect personal matters
  • Constantly improve our processes and quality of generated products

We adhere to the philosophical cornerstones:

  • Equal rights of individuals
  • Honest communication
  • To work on ourselves to improve
  • To help others to improve