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High-Performance Storage

The research group High-Performance Storage improves the capabilities of storage landscapes applying smart concepts. We speak big data analytics and high-performance computing and apply our knowledge to meet the needs of environmental modeling.

Further information about our mission.

The HPS group is tightly integrated into the GWDG AG Computing group with more than 25 people.

Explore our research using the power of machine learning, click on a keyword to see relevant documents.

  • Poster: Transfer Learning Workflow for High-Quality I/O Bandwidth Prediction with Limited Data (Dmytro Povaliaiev, Radita Liem, Julian Kunkel, Jay Lofstead, Philip Carns), 2023-11-12 BibTeX URL PDF
  • Mango-IO: I/O Metrics Consistency Analysis (Radita Liem, Sebastian Oeste, Jay Lofstead, Julian Kunkel), 2023-10-31 BibTeX URL DOI
  • TCDetect: A New Method of Detecting the Presence of Tropical Cyclones Using Deep Learning (Daniel Galea, Julian Kunkel, Bryan N. Lawrence), 2023-07-01 BibTeX URL DOI
  • Governance-Centric Paradigm: Overcoming the Information Gap between Users and Systems by Enforcing Data Management Plans on HPC-Systems (Hendrik Nolte, Julian Kunkel), 2023-06-26 BibTeX URL PDF
  • DECICE: Device-Edge-Cloud Intelligent Collaboration Framework (Julian Kunkel, Christian Boehme, Jonathan Decker, Fabrizio Magugliani, Dirk Pleiter, Bastian Koller, Karthee Sivalingam, Sabri Pllana, Alexander Nikolov, Mujdat Soyturk, Christian Racca, Andrea Bartolini), 2023-05-09 BibTeX DOI PDF

  • Running Kubernetes Workloads on Rootless HPC Systems using Slurm, Sören Metje (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Prof. Dr. Julian Kunkel, Stefanie Mühlhausen, 2023-12, BibTeX URL
  • An HPC FaaS Runtime based on HPX and Modern Lightweight Isolation, Jakob Hördt (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Prof. Dr. Julian Kunkel, Sven Bingert, 2023-09, BibTeX URL
  • Enhancing Tree Segmentation in Large Forest Point Clouds with Synthetic Data, Ali Doosthosseini (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Prof. Dr. Julian Kunkel, Prof. Dr. Alexander Ecker, 2023-09, BibTeX
  • Learning to Attack: Automated Red Teaming Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, Sadegh Keshtkar (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Sahin Albayrak, 2022-05, BibTeX
  • Implementation of a Liquid Neural Network Control System for Multi-Join Cyber Physical ARM, Michael Bidollahkhani (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Ferhat Atasoy, Abdellatef Hamdan, 2023-06, BibTeX