Seminar with Practical: Scalable Computing Systems and Applications in AI, Big Data and HPC

We are finalizing this course, information on this page is subject to change.

Contact Julian Kunkel, Jonathan Decker
Location TBD
Time TBD
Language English or German (individual presentation)
Module TBD
Credits 5, 6
Contact time 42 hours
Independent study 108 hours

As part of this seminar, you will create a presentation, work on a small-scale practical project and write a report revolving around a research topic in German or English (your choice!). Therefore, you will meet regularly with an assigned supervisor and work towards the presentation, practical project and report. You will first select a topic and a use case related to the overall topic of the course. Then, during the term you will prepare a presentation to introduce the topic and the state of the art. Next, you will realize a small-scale project by practically working on your topic. This includes evaluating performance and scalability, as well as analyzing and quantifying the contribution of your topic or tool.

This seminar is also available as pro-seminar. As pro-seminar, the focus will be on learning presentation techniques while in the seminar your focus must be on presenting scientific facts and leading a scientific discussion. There are also two additional mandatory sessions for pro-seminar attendees (optional for seminar attendees).

The presentation time is 35 minutes (plus discussion). A short report describing your work in the practical project is expected (max 15 pages).

  • Linux Basics; having used Linux before and being able to operate a Bash shell
  • We will provide a short crash course at the beginning of the course and link supplementary training material.
  • Describe approaches for the development of scalable systems and applications
  • Sketch efficient algorithms and concepts
  • Analyze and summarize state-of-the-art concepts, tools and research papers
  • Deliver a technical presentation for a professional audience
  • Explore and apply concepts or tools to improve scalability for a selected use case
  • Quantify efficiency and scalability of selected use cases

This is the list of topics that we will assign to students during the first meeting. You will have some room for developing the topic into the direction of your choice. Feel free to propose your own great topic.

to be completed

  • TBD

The exam is conducted as part of the presentation (70% of the mark) and report (30%). The focus for pro-seminars lies on the effective presentation while the focus for seminars is the depth of the scientific topic (slightly different marking schemes).

  • TBD
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