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High Performance Storage

The research group High-Performance Storage improves the capabilities of storage landscapes applying smart concepts. We speak big data analytics and high-performance computing and apply our knowledge to meet the needs of environmental modeling.

Further information about our mission.

The virtual research group connects members from the Computer Science Department of the University of Reading, the DKRZ, and the Scientific Computing Group of the University of Hamburg; it tightly collaborates with the research group Advanced Computing for Environmental Science (ACES).


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Ongoing projects with HPS involvement

Recent talks

  • Opportunities for Integrating I/O Capabilities with Cylc (Dr. Julian Kunkel), Cylc Weather User Group; Supercomputing 2018, Dallas, USA, 2018-11-15 Presentation
  • Towards an HPC Certification Program (Dr. Julian Kunkel, Kai Himstedt, Nathanael Hübbe, Hinnerk Stüben, Sandra Schröder, Michael Kuhn, Stephan Olbrich, Matthias Riebisch, Thomas Ludwig, Weronika Filinger, Jean-Thomas Acquaviva, Anja Gerbes, Lev Lafayette, ), Fifth SC Workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training and Education; Supercomputing 2018, Dallas, USA, 2018-11-12 Presentation
  • The Virtual Institute for I/O (Dr. Julian Kunkel), BoF: The IO-500 and the Virtual Institute for I/O; Supercomputing 2018, Dallas, USA, 2018-11-14 Presentation
  • The HPC Certification Program (Dr. Julian Kunkel), BoF: HPC Certification Program; Supercomputing 2018, Dallas, USA, 2018-11-15 Presentation
  • Using Benchmarks to Understand Performance Behavior (Dr. Julian Kunkel), BoF: Analyzing Parallel I/O; Supercomputing 2018, Dallas, USA, 2018-11-13 Presentation

Recent publications

Recent theses

  • Comparing Naïve Bayesian Networks to Support Vector Machines to predict Stock Prices Based on Press Release Sentiment, Max Lübbering (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Dr. Julian Kunkel, Patricio Farrell, 2018-12-04, Thesis BibTeX
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour to Optimize Product Sorting for E-Commerce Websites, Amina Voloder (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Dr. Julian Kunkel, Antonia Wrobel, 2018-08-07, Thesis BibTeX
  • Large-Scale Accessibility Analysis Using OpenStreetMap Data, Martin Poppinga (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Dr. Julian Kunkel, 2018-06-06, Thesis BibTeX
  • Vector Folding for Icosahedral Earth System Models, Jonas Tietz (Bachelor's Thesis), Advisors: Nabeeh Jumah, Dr. Julian Kunkel, 2018-03-26, Thesis BibTeX
  • Enabling Single Process Testing of MPI in Massive Parallel Applications, Tareq Kellyeh (Master's Thesis), Advisors: Dr. Julian Kunkel, Christian Hovy, 2018-03-20, Thesis BibTeX