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The research group High-Performance Storage improves the capabilities of storage landscapes applying smart concepts. We speak big data analytics and high-performance computing and apply our knowledge to meet the needs of environmental modeling.

Further information about our mission.

The working group is embedded into the Computer Science Department of the University of Reading and tightly collaborates with the research group Advanced Computing for Environmental Science (ACES).

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  • A Similarity Study of I/O Traces via String Kernels (Raul Torres, Julian Kunkel, Manuel F. Dolz, Thomas Ludwig), 2018-07-03 BibTeX DOI
  • Poster: A user-controlled GGDML Code Translation Technique for Performance Portability of Earth System Models (Nabeeh Jumah, Julian Kunkel), 2018-06-26 BibTeX URL PDF
  • Poster: The Virtual Institute for I/O and the IO-500 (Julian Kunkel, Jay Lofstead, John Bent), 2018-06-26 BibTeX URL PDF
  • Poster: International HPC Certification Program (Julian Kunkel, Kai Himstedt, Weronika Filinger, Jean-Thomas Acquaviva, William Jalby, Lev Lafayette), 2018-06-26 BibTeX URL PDF
  • Poster: Performance Conscious HPC (PeCoH) - 2018 (Kai Himstedt, Nathanael Hübbe, Sandra Schröder, Hendryk Bockelmann, Michael Kuhn, Julian Kunkel, Thomas Ludwig, Stephan Olbrich, Matthias Riebisch, Markus Stammberger, Hinnerk Stüben), 2018-06-26 BibTeX URL PDF

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