BoF: Analyzing Parallel I/O

Parallel I/O performance can be a critical bottleneck for applications, yet users are often ill-equipped for identifying and diagnosing I/O performance issues. Increasingly complex hierarchies of storage hardware and software deployed on many systems only compound this problem. Tools that can effectively capture, analyze, and tune I/O behavior for these systems empower users to realize performance gains for many applications.

In this BoF, we form a community around best practices in analyzing parallel I/O and cover recent advances to help address the problem presented above, drawing on the expertise of users, I/O researchers, and administrators in attendance.

The primary objectives of this BoF are to: 1) highlight recent advances in tools and techniques for monitoring I/O activity in data centers, 2) to discuss experiences and limitations of current approaches, 3) to discuss and derive a roadmap for future I/O tools with the goal to capture, assess, predict and optimize I/O.

The BoF is held in conjunction with the Supercomputing conference. The official announcement is listed here.

Date 17.November 2022
Time 12:15pm - 1:15pm CST
Venue C146, see the SC schedule for details

The BoF is powered by the Virtual Institute for I/O and ESiWACE 1).

The BoF is organized by

We have a series of (8 minute) talks followed by a longer discussion:

  • WelcomeShane Snyder, Julian Kunkel
  • Detecting data races on relaxed systems using RecorderChen Wang (LLNL)
  • Non-Intrusive Monitoring and I/O Classification with IOFSChristian Boehme (GWDG)
  • Monitoring with VastRob Mallory (VAST)
  • Visualizing I/O bottlenecks with DXT Explorer 2.0Jean-Luca Bez (LBL)
    DXT Explorer is an interactive web-based log analysis tool to visualize Darshan DXT logs and aid in understanding the I/O behavior of scientific applications. In recent work, we have enriched DXT Explorer with novel visualizations toward detecting root causes of performance bottlenecks. By detecting and highlighting I/O phases, stragglers, and unbalanced workloads, we can guide users to solve I/O slowdowns when transferring data. Our tool is open-source and available at
  • Darshan I/O Runtime MonitoringAnn Gentile (Sandia National Laboratories)
  • Panel and discussion

ESiWACE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 823988
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