Oberseminar: High-Performance Systems

Contact Julian Kunkel, Patrick Höhn
Location Online (https://meet.gwdg.de/b/pat-xfe-7ee-ljr)
Time Wednesday, 13:00 - bi-weekly
Language English
Module not in the module catalogue

This course targets students working on their bachelor's or master's theses. Every other week the course takes place both during winter and summer semesters regardless of lecture free time. In each session two students talk in fifteen minutes long presentations about the ongoing work in their final degree project. This can be done both in the form of formal slides or by simply going through the current draft of the thesis. By doing this, students can get informal feedback from peers to improve their presentation skills and overall thesis quality. Since the talks is planned for the last third of a thesis project this is also a valuable rehearsal opportunity before the final presentation of the thesis. A participation of the students is expected as part of a thesis project at the HPS group. The minimum participation is 50 % of all events in the period of the thesis work. In addition to thesis students, student assistants working in the AG-C share their practical experience working in an HPC enviroment.

  • No skills/knowledge is required
  • Apply computer science methods and develop solutions to problems in their area of application using in-depth subject knowledge.
  • Select and implement methods, algorithms and solution strategies appropriate to the problem.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of algorithms or program code.
  • Research, understand, and prepare literature for research and for applications.
  • Interpret acquired data and draw conclusions.
  • Apply selected software in the field of HPC and storage systems.
  • Design and perform suitable practical experiments.
  • Perform tasks from different application areas, taking into account the given technical, economic and social context.
  • Critically discuss economic, social, sustainable, ethical and legal aspects in the interaction of computer science and application domain.
  • Discuss effectively with colleagues, (potential) users, and the public about substantive issues and problems related to one's professional focus.
  • Present and communicate technical information, ideas, problems and solutions.
  • Organize one's own work and working time independently (self-competence).
  • To work effectively as an individual.
  • Present ideas and proposed solutions orally and in writing in a convincing manner (communication skills).
  • 31.01.24 Preliminary discussion / Vorbesprechung – Julian Kunkel, Patrick Höhn
    If you cannot attend contact us asap!
    • Short introduction to the topics of the seminar.
    • Organizational matters: How to give and receive good feedback.
    • Talk: Professional presentation Slides
  • 14.02.24 How to create professional presentations and reports?Jonathan Decker
    • Introducing our report template and usage (quick intro to LaTeX) Slides
  • 28.02.24 Student presentations
  • 13.03.24 Student presentations
  • 27.03.24 Lourens van Niekerk
  • Impressum
  • Privacy
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