Seminar: Newest Trends in Big Data Analytics

Contact Julian Kunkel
Location Virtual, meeting room
Time Tuesday 16-18
Language English or German (individual presentation)
Module Modul B.Inf.1207: Proseminar I, Modul B.Inf.1208: Proseminar II
Credits 5
Contact time 42 hours
Independent study 108 hours

As part of this seminar, you will create a presentation (and report) revolving around a research topic in German or English (your choice!). Therefore, you will meet regularly with an assigned supervisor and work towards the presentation and report.

This seminar is also available as pro-seminar. As pro-seminar, the focus will be on learning presentation techniques while in the seminar your focus must be on presenting scientific facts and leading a scientific discussion. There are also two additional mandatory sessions for pro-seminar attendees (optional for seminar attendees).

The presentation time is 45 minutes (incl. discussion). A short report accompanying the slides is expected (max 15 pages).

This is the list of topics that we will assign to students during the first meeting. You will have some room for developing the topic into the direction of your choice. Feel free to propose your own great topic.

to be completed

  • GPU Computing with Python
  • What's new with Spark 3
  • What's new with Tensorflow
  • Development in data lakes and data warehousing
  • Trends in edge computing
  • Key-value stores for HPDA
  • Object storage systems
  • HPDA Benchmarks
  • The NVIDIA Metaverse
  • Using R for HPDA
  • Security in Cloud and HPC
  • Convergence of HPC and High-Performance Data Analytics
  • Using Data Analytics in HPC Applications

The exam is conducted as part of the presentation (50% of the mark) and report (50%). The focus for pro-seminars lies on the effective presentation while the focus for seminars is the depth of the scientific topic (slightly different marking schemes).

  • 26.10.21 Preliminary discussion / Vorbesprechung. If you cannot attend contact us asap!
    • Short introduction to the topics of the seminar.
    • Organizational matters: How to get good marks.
    • Assignment of topics to the participants on a first-come-first served basis.
    • Talk: Professional presentation
  • 02.11.21 How to create professional presentations and reports?Julian Kunkel – This session is mandatory for pro-seminar attendees.
    • In smaller groups, we will assess previous talks and reports
    • You will have to prepare and give short 3-slide presentations about a familiar topic (e.g., describe the concept of a computer to adults)
  • 09.11.21
  • 16.11.21
  • 23.11.21
  • 30.11.21
  • 07.12.21
  • 14.12.21
  • 21.12.21
  • 11.01.22
  • 18.01.22
  • 25.01.22 The NVIDIA Metaverse – Johann Eilts
  • 01.02.22
  • 08.02.22
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