Advanced Storage Monitoring

The Advanced Storage Monitoring (ASM) project is a Eurolab4HPC bilateral Academia-Industry Technology Transfer Project in HPC.

DDN offers a variety of enterprise storage products like the Infinite Memory Engine (IME). IME is designed as a burst-buffer which is optimized for random I/O. However, understanding the reasons that lead to observed performance behavior is non-trivial. Performance analysis of the I/O path in computer systems is a crucial task as it paves the way for subsequent optimization not only of applications but the storage stack itself. Particularly, the on-line analysis enables to detect miss-behaving situations and offers means to mitigate them. From the user-perspective non-intrusive monitoring, i.e., without code changes, is key for widespread adoption.

Contact Dr. Julian Kunkel

  • DDN France
  • University of Reading

The goal of the project is to enhance the monitor capabilities of FUSE clients' as follows:

  1. incorporate relevant performance counters into the FUSE module
  2. enable fine-grained online monitoring in the module supporting parallel applications
  3. evaluate the extended module on relevant I/O benchmarks.

Ultimately, this will lead to a prototype and proof-of-concept system with the extended monitoring capabilities that exhibit substantial better analytic capabilities.

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