LLVM-CTH: The First Workshop on LLVM Compiler and Tools for HPC

Due to COVID-19, the workshop will be organized as a free virtual event using video conferencing, the videos of the presentations will be published on this page.

The LLVM framework is a vast ecosystem surrounding a compiler core which enabled various advances in source-code tools, debuggers, linkers, and a whole host of programming-language and toolchain-related components. Similar to the very successful LLVM-HPC workshop at SuperComputing (SC), we want to provide a forum for LLVM-related discussions and talks from academia and industry at ISC.

The workshop is held in conjunction with the ISC-HPC during the ISC workshop day. Note that the attendance of ISC workshops requires a workshop pass.

Date Thursday, June 25th, 2020
Venue Virtual Event (the free registration is required)
Contact https://hps.vi4io.org/about/people/externals/anja_gerbes

This workshop is powered by LLVM and the Virtual Institute for I/O.

The workshop is organized by


  • 09:00 Welcome
    Anja Gerbes & Johannes Doerfert – Goethe University & ANL
  • 09:30 Keynote
  • 10:30 Compiling three generations of Fortran with LLVM
    Steve Scalpone – NVIDIA (PGI)
  • 11:00 Coffee break
  • 11:30 LLVM in HPC session – chair: ?
    • 11:30 The CLANG/LLVM based Cray Compiling Environment (CCE)
      Luiz DeRose – HPE (Cray)
    • 12:00 Intel® LLVM-based Compilers for Xe Accelerators
      Xinmin Tian – Intel
    • 12:30 Overview of the LLVM Loop Optimization Pipeline and How it Compares to the IBM XL Compiler
      Kit Barton – IBM
  • 13:00 Lunch break
  • 14:00 Expert talks – chair: ?
    • 14:00 Hidden Gems: Exposing and exploiting hidden compiler optimization opportunities
      Zbigniew Chamski – University of Bristol
    • 14:30 LLVM OpenMP on AMDGPU
      Jon Chesterfield – AMD
    • 15:00 OpenMP in MLIR and Flang
      Kiran Chandramohan – ARM
    • 15:30 Benchmarking compiler optimizations on OpenMP performance
      Giorgis Georgakoudis – LLNL
  • 16:00 Coffee break
  • 16:30 Research paper session – chair: ?
    • 16:30 ARM Scalable Vector Extension in LLVM
      Will Lovett – ARM
    • 17:00 Clang Tooling for Kokkos
      David Hollman – SNL
  • 17:00 Panel: Ask Us Anything
  • 18:00 Closing RemarksJohannes Doerfert & Jeremy Bennett – ANL & Embecosm
  • 18:05 End


The workshop is integrated into ISC-HPC. We welcome everybody to join the workshop, including:

  • Researchers/Engineers from industry and academia working on high-performance computing
  • LLVM developers as a third group - they can learn from the HPC world.
  • Interested domain scientists and computer scientists interested in discussing compiler issues.

You may be interested to join our mailing lists at the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure.