Machine Learning for Nowcasting

A Met Office Academic Partnership workshop to bring together experts in Learning and Nowcasting We are in the midst of renewed endeavour in machine learning across scientific disciplines. Advances in machine learning and data science have the potential to drive the next generation of weather forecasting capabilities from 0 to 2 hours ahead: Nowcasting.

Simulation-based approaches to weather forecasting, by solving the physical equations that describe the weather, take longer to run than the decision-making timescales for some weather-sensitive operations. Examples being connected and autonomous vehicles, managing airspace, water systems and emergency response.

This virtual workshop aims to build a community of machine learning and meteorology experts to explore the full potential of machine learning and observational data sets for nowcasting applications. Participation is limited to those affiliated to the Met Office Academic Partnership member institutions, or by invitation.

Key dates:

  • Abstract submission closes: 15th July 2020
  • Registration closes: 25th August 2020

For further details, see

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