Earth-System Data Middleware

The middleware for earth system data is a prototype to improve I/O performance for earth system simulation as used in climate and weather applications. ESDM exploits structural information exposed by workflows, applications as well as data description formats such as HDF5 and NetCDF to more efficiently organize metadata and data across a variety of storage backends.

Contact Dr. Julian Kunkel
Repository Public on GitHub
Project ESiWACE


  • The Need for Next Generation Semantic Interfaces to Process Climate/Weather Workflows (Dr. Julian Kunkel), SIG IO UK, University of Reading, UK, 2018-06-06 Presentation
  • Towards Intelligent Storage Systems (Dr. Julian Kunkel), Computer Science Workshop, University of Reading, UK, 2018-05-08 Presentation
  • Exploiting the Heterogeneous Storage Landscape in a Data Center (Dr. Julian Kunkel), Per3s: Performance and Scalability of Storage Systems Workshop, Rennes, France, 2018-01-12 Presentation
  • Exploiting Weather and Climate Data at Scale (WP4) (Dr. Julian Kunkel), ESiWACE General Assembly, Berlin, Germany, 2017-12-12 Presentation