HIPS Workshop

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The 26th HIPS workshop, to be held as a full-day meeting at the IPDPS 2021 conference in Portland and as a virtual workshop, focuses on high-level programming of multiprocessors, compute clusters, and massively parallel machines. Like previous workshops in this series — established in 1996 — this event serves as a forum for research in the areas of parallel applications, language design, compilers, runtime systems, and programming tools. It provides a timely forum for scientists and engineers to present the latest ideas and findings in these rapidly changing fields. In our call for papers, we especially invite papers demonstrating innovative approaches in the areas of emerging programming models for large-scale parallel systems and many-core architectures. An additional emphasis this year will be on heterogeneous computing capabilities and deep memories to encourage new developments in programming models for high-performance systems.

Topics of interest to the HIPS workshop include but are not limited to:

  • High-level and domain-specific programming systems
  • Languages and compilers for post-Moore's-Law (or Post Von Neumann)
  • Language/compiler support for AI/ML and Cybersecurity/Privacy (e.g., ML-based auto-tuning)
  • Task-based programming systems
  • (Scalable) programming tools and tools for power & performance analysis, modeling, monitoring, and debugging and core correctness
  • Compiler analysis and optimization techniques
  • OS and architectural support for parallel programming and debugging
  • Software and system support for extreme scalability including fault tolerance and power-aware HPC
  • Programming environments for heterogeneous multicore systems and accelerators such as GPUs and FPGAs
  • Solutions for programming paradigms for GPUs from different hardware vendors
  • Dynamism in applications and system resources
  • Performance portability
  • Efforts for improving the sustainability of scientific software
  • Languages and runtime support for multi-science/coupled codes, including but not limited to ensemble computing and uncertainty quantification
  • New programming languages and constructs for exploiting parallelism and locality
  • Submission due date: 24th January 2021
  • Author notification: 16th February 2021
  • Camera-ready papers: end of March 2021
  • Impressum
  • Privacy
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