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 ====== Clubs ====== ====== Clubs ======
 +Clubs are extracurricular activities that bring together a community revolving around a topic.
 +Our goal is to support the community building and fostering your interest and passion for computer science related topics.
 +They are open to students and staff and shaped by the attendees.
 +With the club, we organize special activities like workshops together or visits.
 +The organizational modality between the clubs may differ.
 +Please subscribe to the club mailing lists, if you are interested in these topics ((we use the mailing lists only for the purpose of the club and are not giving the emails away; note that sometimes subscription emails are in the spam folder)). 
 +They are part of a collaboration between the Computer Science department and the society "R.U. Hacking?" which powers the clubs
 +[[https://ruhacking.netlify.com/|{{  :teaching:ruhacking.png?150}}]].
 +See the subpages for details of individual clubs.
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