Historic Computers and Games

The history of computing shows fascinating pioneering efforts in research, engineering, and development. Computers have quickly been used for entertainment, programmers excelling to develop computer games that harness the available compute power of these systems. Nowadays, emulators can resurrect the behavior of these old systems allowing to run old applications and games. A huge community of programmers are still coding games or composing sound for outdated computers like the C64 or the Super Nintendo system.

In this club, we are generally interested in the history of computers and explore the technology of these old systems enjoying the history of the computer games. This is supported by the department which started a Museum with interesting old hardware and some of the first computer games and software packages that will be open to the general public.

Venue Polly Vacher, R127 (ACES)
Mailinglist club-historic-computing
Contact Dr. Julian Kunkel
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