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-====== Advanced Programming ====== 
-The official [[https://www.reading.ac.uk/modules/document.aspx?modP=CS3AC16&modYR=1819|module description]]. 
-For further information, see RISIS or timetable. 
-===== Summary module description ===== 
-The module covers contents of distributed computing, cloud computing, and parallel computing. Multi-core processors, such as GPU, and related parallel computing are also introduced.  
-After an introduction to distributed systems, distributed computing and cloud computing are discussed as applications in the context of the pervasive Internet of Things data streams and the challenges of processing and making sense of the Big Data volumes resulting from a network-centric world. 
-The course will also examine the new technological innovations arising from the development of the distributed ledger technology including “AI-as-a service”, Block Chain and the Ethereum Smart Contracting Solution Stack and its deployment in various application domains.  
-===== Aims ===== 
-The primary aim of this module is to provide students with knowledge of some of the currently advanced computing topics, and to enable students to appreciate the role of these concepts in applications. 
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