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-====== Products ====== 
-The following products are or have been developed by the group: 
-  * [[products:scil|Scientific Compression Library (SCIL)]] \\ This library decouples the definition of required accuracy from algorithms that compress data -- allowing to choose data intelligently. 
-  * [[products:md-workbench|MD-Workbench]] \\ This is an HPC metadata benchmark allowing to investigate concurrent activity and latency. 
-  * [[products:xpd-io-driver|XPD-IO-Driver]] \\ This is an MPI agnostic driver for the Kove XPD. 
-  * [[products:sfs|Statistical-File-Scanner for Data Centers (SFS)]] \\ This tool allows to collect file statistics of data centers using methods from statistics. Therefore, by scanning only a fraction of data, it is possible to estimate the fraction/performance/compression ratio of tools. 
-The following products are not any more supported: 
-  * [[products:old:piosim|HDTrace + PIOsimHD]] \\ This is a tracing library and simulator focused on HPC I/O but also covers MPI. 
-  * [[products:old:siox|SIOX]] \\ Is a flexible tracing/analysis library allowing to experiment and mutate I/O likewise. 
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