author	 = {Alexander Bufe},
	title	 = {{Automatic Analysis of a Supercomputer's Topology and Performance Characteristics}},
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	type	 = {Bachelor's Thesis},
	abstract	 = {Although knowing the topology and performance characteristics of a supercomputer is very important as it allows for optimisations and helps to detect bottleneck, no universal tool to determine topology and performance characteristic is available yet. Existing tools are often specialised to analyse either the behaviour of a node or of the network topology. Furthermore, existing tools are unable to detect switches despite their importance. This thesis introduces an universal method to determine the topology (including switches) and an efficient way to measure the performance characteristics of the connections. The approach of the developed tool is to measure the latencies first and then to compute the topology by analysing the data. In the next step, the gained knowledge of the topology is used to parallelise the measurement of the throughput in order to decrease the required time or to allow for more accurate measurements. A general approach to calculate latencies of connections that cannot be measured directly based on linear regression is introduced, too. At last, the developed algorithm and measurement techniques are validated on several test cases and a perspective of future work is given.},