@inproceedings{USFIUIBLPL a,
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	abstract	 = {I/O  performance  in  a  multi-user  environment  isdifficult  to  predict.  Users  do  not  know  what  I/O  performanceto expect when running and tuning applications. We propose touse  the  IO500  benchmark  as  a  way  to  guide  user  expectationson  their  application’s  performance  and  to  aid  identifying  rootcauses  of  their  I/O  problems  that  might  come  from  the  system.Our experiments describe how we manage user expectation withIO500  and  provide  a  mechanism  for  system  fault  identification.This  work  also  provides  us  with  information  of  the  tail  latencyproblem  that  needs  to  be  addressed  and  granular  informationabout the impact of I/O technique choices (POSIX and MPI-IO).},
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