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	title	 = {{Performance Conscious HPC (PeCoH) - 2018}},
	year	 = {2018},
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	location	 = {Frankfurt, Germany},
	activity	 = {ISC HPC},
	abstract	 = {In PeCoH, we establish the Hamburg HPC Competence Center (HHCC) as a virtual institution, which coordinates and fosters joint performance engineering activities between the local compute centers DKRZ, RRZ and TUHH RZ. Together, we will implement user services to support performance engineering on a basic level and provide a basis for co-development, user education and dissemination of performance engineering concepts. We will evaluate methods to raise user awareness for performance engineering and bring them into production environments in order to tune standard software as well as individual software. Specifically, we address cost-awareness, provide representative success stories, and provide basic and advanced HPC knowledge as online content resulting in a certification system.},
	url	 = {},

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