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	abstract	 = {Choosing an appropriate cluster file system for a specific high performance computing application is challenging and depends mainly on the specific application I/O needs. There is a wide variety of I/O requirements: Some implementations require reading and writing large datasets, others out-of-core data access, or they have database access requirements. Application access patterns reflect different I/O behavior and can be used for performance testing. This paper presents the programmable I/O benchmarking tool Parabench. It has access patterns as input, which can be adapted to mimic behavior for a rich set of applications. Using this benchmarking tool, composed patterns can be automatically tested and easily compared on different local and cluster file systems. Here we introduce the design of the proposed benchmark, focusing on the Parabench programming language, which was developed for flexible pattern creation. We also demonstrate here an exemplary usage of Parabench and its capabilities to handle the POSIX and MPI-IO interfaces.},
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