author	 = {Andrew Turner and Dominic Sloan-Murphy and Karthee Sivalingam and Harvey Richardson and Julian Kunkel},
	title	 = {{Analysis of parallel I/O use on the UK national supercomputing service, ARCHER using Cray's LASSi and EPCC SAFE}},
	year	 = {2019},
	month	 = {10},
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	conference	 = {CUG},
	location	 = {Montreal, Canada},
	abstract	 = {In this paper, we describe how we have used a combination of the LASSi tool (developed by Cray) and the SAFE software (developed by EPCC) to collect and analyse Lustre I/O performance data for all jobs running on the UK national supercomputing service, ARCHER; and to provide reports on I/O usage for users in our standard reporting framework. We also present results from analysis of parallel I/O use on ARCHER and analysis on the potential impact of different applications on file system performance using metrics we have derived from the LASSi data. We show that the performance data from LASSi reveals how the same application can stress different components of the file system depending on how it is run, and how the LASSi risk metrics allow us to identify use cases that could potentially cause issues for global I/O performance and work with users to improve their I/O use. We use the IO-500 benchmark to help us understand how LASSi risk metrics correspond to observed performance on the ARCHER file systems. We also use LASSi data imported into SAFE to identify I/O use patterns associated with different research areas, understand how the research workflow gives rise to the observed patterns and project how this will affect I/O requirements in the future. Finally, we provide an overview of likely future directions for the continuation of this work.},
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