author	 = {Nabeeh Jumah and Julian Kunkel and Anastasiia Novikova and Thomas Ludwig and Thomas Dubos and Sunmin Park and Hisashi Yashiro and Günther Zängl and John Thuburn},
	title	 = {{Advanced Computation and I/O Methods for Earth-System Simulations (AIMES)}},
	year	 = {2019},
	month	 = {06},
	location	 = {Frankfurt, Germany},
	activity	 = {ISC High Performance},
	abstract	 = {The Advanced Computation and I/O Methods for Earth-System Simulations (AIMES) project addresses the key issues of programmability, computational efficiency and I/O limitations that are common in next-generation icosahedral earth-system models. Ultimately, the project is intended to foster development of best-practices and useful norms by cooperating on shared ideas and components. During the project, we will ensure that the developed concepts and tools are not only applicable for earth-science but for other scientific domains as well. In this poster we show the projects plan and progress and present some results.},
	url	 = {},

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