author	 = {Andreas Beyer and Kai Husmann},
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	abstract	 = {This internship originated in the problem of optimising PFVS21 for small files through the integration of file meta data into directory entries. A PVFS independend solution for that problem, the so called container format, had been developed by Hendrik Heinrich already. Out of this the idea was born to implement a container feature (CF) into PVFS. Since it was not possible to integrade the H. Heinrich code into PVFS we decided to concentrate on its main issue: That is the sparing of redundant meta data. Unfortunately the speed evaluation of our code rather discourages from an implementation of a container feature for PVFS - at least if there is not planned a much higher degree afford for solving that problem. But with our design some states (within the client side state machines) can already be spared and with futher coding a reliable speed enhancement for containers will surely be possible. The meta data of the files within a container can be spared completely. It will be there only one time as meta data for the container itself. Therefore the smaller and numerous the files are, the bigger the enhancement considering hard disk usage. For a few big files this code will never be of much use - but it doesn't aim at that.},
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