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 ====== About Us ====== ====== About Us ======
-{{ :logo.png?200|}}+{{ :logo.png?200&nolink|}}
-**//The research group <color red>High Performance Storage</color> improves the capabilities of storage landscapes applying smart concepts. +**//The research group <color red>High-Performance Storage</color> improves the [[:research:start#high_performance_storage|capabilities of storage landscapes applying smart concepts]]
-We speak big data analytics and high-performance computing and apply our knowledge to meet the needs of environmental modeling.+We speak big data analytics and [[:research:start#high_performance_computing|high-performance computing]] and apply our knowledge to meet the needs of [[https://aces.cs.reading.ac.uk|environmental modeling]].
 //** //**
 Our motto is: <color red>Limitless</color> Storage -- <color red>Limitless</color> Possibilities Our motto is: <color red>Limitless</color> Storage -- <color red>Limitless</color> Possibilities
 <clear> <clear>
 +The working group is embedded into the [[http://reading.ac.uk/computer-science/|Computer Science Department]] of the [[http://reading.ac.uk|University of Reading]] and tightly collaborates with the research group [[https://aces.cs.reading.ac.uk|Advanced Computing for Environmental Science (ACES)]].
 +===== Philosophy =====
 +In respect to RD&E, we oblige to professional behaviour covering but not limiting to:
 +  * Deliver quality products meeting their requirements
 +  * Efficient project management and communication 
 +  * Establish and follow mutual agreements (e.g., deadlines)
 +  * Respect intellectual property/ownership
 +  * Respect personal matters
 +  * Constantly improve our processes and quality of generated products
 +We adhere to the philosophical cornerstones:
 +  * Equal rights of individuals
 +  * Honest communication
 +  * To work on ourselves to improve 
 +  * To help others to improve
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